Ready to make the first steps towards homeownership?  Here are some helpful tips to get started!

Though the road to owning a home differs a little according to the unique needs of each buyer, there are three beginning steps that will put every buyer on the right path.  Have questions about any of these steps or where to begin?  Contact our office at 478-420-0023 today!

Step One: Speak to a Lender

Before shopping for a home, it is important to know how much you can spend.  There are two types of letters that you can use to enhance your buying power: a Pre-Qualified Letter and a Pre-Approval Letter.  Unsure of the difference?  Click here to learn more!

Step Two: Determine the Right Mortgage for You

Though each lender offers different products to prepare you for homeownership, most fall under two different types of mortgages: a fixed rate mortgage and an adjustable rate mortgage.  Here's a quick overview of the difference.

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage: the interest rate stays the same for entire term of your loan
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage: the interest rate is linked to a financial index and may fluctuate depending on varying market conditions.  That means, an adjustable rate mortgage may have varying payments during the term of your loan.

Contact your lender for more information on the right products for you today!

Step Three: Contact a REALTOR┬« 

It is important to find a licensed professional who is client-focused, passionate about you and your home search, and driven to find you the perfect home for your price range.  Learn more about our incredible team of agents at The Brokery by clicking here.